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Garden Planter


Oil Painting Store Online

LED light bulbs for home, cars and boats

Customized design

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Electronic Mechanical project engineer

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Manufacturer (Maker, Factory, Supplier) in China. Polyresin Crafts, Figurines, Statues, Sculptures, Snowman, Angel & cherub, Santa Claus, Catholic Saints & Angels, Animal, Fountain made from Polyresin / Polystone. China Ceramics, Chinese Ceramics, Glazed Ceramic art pottery, Porcelain, Planter Flower Pot & Vase, Christmas Gift, Candle & holder / stand, Oil burner, Picture Photo frame, Home &  Garden Decoration Ornament,  Art & Craft, Handicraft, Terra-cotta art, Stoneware, Wire Iron with stained glass.  Making, Manufacturing, Exporting. Customized design.


Ceramic Reed diffusers with Fragrant oils and Rattan stick

Metallic look sport statues, Yoga

Pottery,Home Decor, Decorative Planters

Porcelain Buddha, Glazed ceramic

Garden decor, Frog,The kiln changes the response glaze

Vases, Glazed different color

Pottery, Home Decor

glazed finish or handle painting

Decorative glazed ceramic oil burner, home decoration, Household Crafts

Polyresin Crafts, Home Decor

Clock, Size up to 36cm

China Ceramic, Decorative Planters

Flower Pots, Terra-cotta art

Chinese Ceramic, Home decor, Vases

China Ceramic vase, Glazed color in black

Polyresin Nativity set, Religious Statues

Polyresin, Religious Statues, Catholic

Catholic Saints & Angels Religious Statues

Polyresn, Oil burner

Oil burner, Smoker, holder 

Real fur, Rabbit fur toys

Rabbit Fur toys

Pottery, China Ceramic

Pottery, Figurines made from ceramic

all color available.jpg
The teal colored hydrangeas in Home decor, With a drippy glazed on the top

Polyresin, Photo Frames

Polyresin, Photo frames

Flexi Art, Home decor, Decorative Planters

Flexi-art, Outdoor/indoor

China Ceramic, Snowman, Christmas Gifts

Snowman and house are made from clay, Snow color glazed finish

Polyresin,Water Fountains

Large Fountain and  Battery operated

Polyresin, Table lamps

Table Lamps w/figurines, All lamp W/CE, UL approval

China Ceramic, Catholic, Religious Statues, Nativity

Catholic/Religion figurines and Nativity set made from porcelain, Glazed in Multi-color


sanitation incense, mosquito-repellent incense, air fresh incense and all kinds of arts incense.

China Ceramics, Holiday Gifts

Pumpkim made from clay, Crackle textured red color, glazed finish

Microcontroller, bell controller

Programmable bell controller for school use.

The electrical outlet can  to fit your local.

Porcelain, Glazed Ceramic Candle Holder

Polyresin Crafts

Victorianism  Top Quality

Household products

Traveling, Dry Mini-Iron

Household products, Steam Iron

Household steam Iron, Tens design, UL, CE, GS Approved


Back Bag,  Travel Bag, Small Satchel, Belt Bag, Brief Case, Hang Bag, Female Satchel, School Bag

Buddhism Figurines

Made from polyresin

Bathroom faucets, Kitchen faucets

Bathroom faucets, Kitchen faucets


Decorative Floral Lights & LED Candles

LED Tea light candle, Price list for all led light candles

Microscope, Eyepieces, Objectives

Bio-Microscope and Pupil Microscope, Eyepieces, Objectives:  There are more than 15 varieties and more than 60 different specifications.Factors are ranged from 10x to 2000x. 

oil painting gallery,  reproduction of masterpieces. Genuine hand-painted oil on canvas


Glass vases with porcelain flower decor

Please contact Tonie Shaw  or send email to: sales@chinagiftware.com , Company Located in China.