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MSN Messenger /Windows Live Messenger:  tonieshaw@hotmail.com


Go to chat room meeting on internet, Talking, Drawing, Get photos... Please take following process:
1.Download MSN Messenger software and install it; Maybe your computer has already.
2.Click sign in, If don't have a passport, Click get one, Get one username on MSN Messenger i.e. xxxx@hotmail.com, xxxx@msn.com
3.Add my address "tonieshaw@hotmail.com" (Please don't send email to this address) to your contact list.
Now, You can know whether we are online or not. If we are online, We can Chat on internet.


Company work time:

Beijing ( Hong Kong ) time: 8:30AM  to 6:30PM

Los angels time: 3:30PM to 1:30AM

New York time: 6:30PM to 4:30AM

London time: 12:30PM to 10:30AM

Berlin time: 1:30AM to 11:30AM

Moscow time: 2:30AM to 12:30AM


Phone: 86-1332-8758688

email address: sales@chinagiftware.com

Skype account: tonieshaw    


Link Exchange Request, Send email to links@chinagiftware.com

Please contact Tonie Shaw  or send email to: sales@chinagiftware.com , Company Located in China.