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Customized design are welcome.  Please click below link, Any link have many various designs.

Candle and Candle holder, Candle stand, Handle painting, Handicrafts. Candles are made from wax or palm oil (For American market, this material in the description should be 55% palm oil, 45% paraffin.). The candles are poured into a special holder,  The holder is made of glass, plastic, Ceramic, Clay, Metal etc.

FM3E31074ACD.jpg (43383 bytes)

Candle handicrafts, Handle painting Flower design candle made from wax, Home decoration

AL2001164 with candle.JPG (34674 bytes)

Pottery Candle holder/stand, Handle painting Flower design made from clay, Home decoration


Handle painting candle, Vegetable and fruit Design Candle made from wax, Home decoration

3B31021C.G..jpg (46216 bytes)

Handle painting candle with statures ornaments made from wax, Home decoration


80484A.jpg.jpg (35500 bytes)

Pottery with candle, Wax pour in ceramic pot, Home decoration

CAT21610-CAT21614.jpg (18716 bytes)

Handle painting candle made from wax, Cake Design, Home decoration

CB21901.jpg (16668 bytes)

Handle painting Candle holder made from wax, with glass cup in inside,  Home decoration

20078.jpg.jpg (39294 bytes)

Candle holder, Stoneware Burner, Made from clay, Glazed finished, T-light inside


ABC1.jpg (49730 bytes)

Handle painting Christmas Design candle made from wax, Christmas gifts

2018376-1.jpg (19753 bytes)

Glass Pour wax and Jelly

PY98695.jpg (51144 bytes)

Halloween Design Candles, Handle painting

CS9014-9022-9021-9017.jpg (49943 bytes)

Handle painting, Handicrafts, Sea Series design candle made from wax


3C41023H..jpg (47953 bytes)

Handicrafts, Handle  painting Candle holder made from polyresin

FRUIT SERIES 4.jpg (43760 bytes)

Handicrafts, Handle painting candles, various designs

3A35006.14.15A.JPG (65947 ???

Handicrafts, Handle painting candle and holder, Christmas gifts

ALL SIZE 2.jpg (94762 ???

 Daily use candle made from wax or palm oil, Cheap price



Decorative Floral Lights & LED Candles



Please contact Tonie Shaw  or send email to: sales@chinagiftware.com , Company Located in China.